2018 Year End Wrap Up

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

We started this year celebrating our 50th year as a club by launching a new logo and releasing limited edition clothing. If you are wanting to get a piece of Pan Am Boxing history we have a few pieces left with the image below.

Thank you for celebrating our 50th Anniversary, it's been a great year having you all here with us. Here are some facts we thought were interesting to share, and things members wanted to know:

Number of members at the outdoor workout: 11

Number of Visits: 40285

Number of Classes Held: 2147

Average Number of Members*: 1765 - this number includes all members, new , one time drop ins and repeats. Number of New Members: 935 , 523 of these have stayed for more than 1 class

How many pushups has Harry done this year? -- We stopped counting early on, apparently he does them while sleeping. Ask Sue for more details.

How many minutes of planking have been done? How about you start planking and I'll get back to you once I do the math?

Number of Boxing Trainers: 21

Number of Roadwork Instructors:10

Number of assistants: 16

Number of Front Desk Volunteers: 18

Other Volunteers: 5-7 depending on time of year

How many Fight Team Tryouts were there? : 4 , once each quarter

Fight Cards? 3

Pan Am Place Bold in the Cold : February 16th

Fight Games 4 : January 6 - February 10

Female Beginner Boxing Program was run twice for the first time: Spring 2018, and Fall 2018

Women's Boxing Class : Started July 16th

Recreational Sparring : Started April 4th on Wednesdays, we added a 2nd class on Monday's November 26th

Fight Games 3 and 4 Trip : July 19th - 23rd in Philadelphia

How many yams does Dylan eat on a daily basis? 1 cup. You should be asking how many cups of rice does he eat in a week.

What's Gino's cologne? " It’s called Invictus, but I usually put it on around 6:30 AM in  the morning I am surprised it still lingers by the time I get to gym LOL. I usually get in duty free when I am traveling outside of North America. But Paco Raban is a good one as well. " - Gino

Why do we have a ring at the back corner? It used to be the weight area , it was about 6 inches lower than the rest of the floor . So it was raised up and made into a ring, with the idea of using it in sparring workshops for inside fighting and light sparring work .

Does Gio have a random bad song generator or does he seek out the songs on purpose? "Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!" - Harry Potter and the Philosophers's Stone.

Honestly though, Gio and I were friends before Pan Am Boxing Club and the guy actually likes all the music on his play lists. He use to sing Karaoke on the regular, let us be glad we are not being subjected to his rave days music. ;)

What is the best boxing movie? We polled the trainers that came in for the outdoor workout on December 31st . Brendan - Rocky 3 , Dylan - Ali ,Rosette - Rocky 4, Priyanka - Southpaw

There were lots of mini events and things that happened in 2018 that we could write here, but the best way to experience them is to come down, join us and become a part of our community. Below is the photo that started it all, the original board for the Boxing event at the 1967 Pan Am Games, go back and read some of the news articles we posted this year to get more details on how we started. Take a look and see if you can find Harry's dad in the photo and comment if you can find him!

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