An inside look at Sean from Sean's view

A while back we contacted our trainers to get their perspectives on why they came to Pan Am Boxing Club. Here is what Sean had to say:

Sean first darkened Pam Am's door in 2011 (literally) at 272 lbs with a goal to put health and fitness at the forefront of his priorities. Pan Am’s flexible class schedule of high intensity trainer-instructed workouts, combined with its supportive member community inspired him each day to fight harder.

In addition to Pan Am’s regular workouts, he has trained hard and competed in three Fight Club competitions and more recently was a contender in Pro Fight Club, resulting in the loss of more than 80 lbs.

As a boxing trainer, Sean puts all he has learned from Pam Am into delivering a high-energy, high-intensity and some may even say fun (some!) Friday 5:30 workout which is sure to get your weekend started!


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