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We checked back with a few of our previous participants of the Female Beginner Program and here's what Joanna had to say:

When did you start at Pan Am Boxing?

September, 2015.

How did you feel after the Female Beginner Boxing Program?

I felt I had built a community with the girls in my class. I was prepared, and confident attending the regular classes. I was hooked on boxing as a great workout! (the best I've experienced)

Why would you recommend someone participating in our program? It really challenges you, and pushes you to get more out of yourself than you every thought you could do. There's accountability along with anonymity. There is a great encouraging community. You can participate at any level, and get comfortable and confident with the basic in order to join regular classes.

How often do you come to the club currently?

My goal is 4 days a week. Sometimes three...if I am lucky 5!

What is your favorite thing about Pan Am or the classes?

That when I am done a workout I feel more energized, and that I have really workout out! The classes really push you. There is also a great community feel that I love. I like that there is a space for all different boxing and athletic ability together.

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