This article was originally printed in the Selkirk Enterprise on Wednesday, February 28th, 1979. Although the article is not complete there are some details on the locations and start up of Pan Am Boxing Club following this photo.

The Pan Am Club will have at least three super talents in their line-up. Kenny Johnson, the gold medal winner at the recent Winter Games in Brandon will be on the card as will bronze medal winner Daniel Vandal, both who compete out of the Pan-Am Club. Another Pan-Am member who is internationally acclaimed is Harry Black, will be matched up on the card.

It's a first for Selkirk, and if the venture proves successful, there could be future cards.

Historically, the Pan-Am Boxing Club had it's start back in 1967 resulting from the Pan-American Games hosted by the City of Wpg. At the end of the Games, the Executive Committee responsible for the Boxing Competitions agreed to approve the offer made by Mr. Black (father of Boxer Harry Black) that he be allowed to purchase all the boxing equipment and use the same to initiate the beginnings of a Boxing Club within Winnipeg. The transaction was made and Mr. Black turned all the equipment over to Mr. Al Wall, member of the City of Winnipeg Police Dept. and past Executive Member of the Pan-America Games, Committee in charge of Boxing. Thus, the Pan-Am Boxing Club was organized, with Gym and the Club Rooms located at Market and Main st. in Winnipeg. Mr Don Walker was appointed Head Coach and Trainer of the newly formed Club, but soon moved out of the province. The Head Coach appointed was Mr. Ed Yaremchuk, who presently fills the dual position of Coach and President of the Club. The Gym and Club rooms were eventually moved to their present location. that of 325 Talbot Ave. in Wpg. and is jointly shared with the Offices of the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Club Assocn. The Pan-Am Boxing Club is a Member of the MABA and Affiliated with the Canadian Amateur Boxing Assocn. (CABA) and does implement all it's training and organization under rules regulations governing International Competitions ect.

Mr Al. Wall, founding member who is an International Judge and CABA- R/J - as well as Foreman and Chairman of CABA Rules Committee, does keep a proud association and continued sponsorship of this very dedicated and hardworking Boxing Club, who constantly and regularly bring home to Manitoba, titles and fame.

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