Boxing became an obsession

Pan Am has been a great place for my boxing journey. I joined it about four years ago when I was looking for a place with a strong conditioning program. At that time I was still going to a kickboxing gym. When it came down to staying with one sport it became evident I was really attracted to boxing. I started with just attending classes, which in itself is a superb way of getting in shape. Later on my interest shifted from fitness to boxing as a sport. I was still relatively new when I braved a sparring session. It was a petrifying experience. You are against someone who kept popping your head back. I am sure my memory was playing a trick, but at the moment she looked like an Amazonian warrior poised to kill me. What’s worse, everybody was watching you getting pummeled.

I left the ring, thinking how scary it was. It took me a year to overcome that night. Still very nervous, I tentatively stepped into the ring the next year. Since then I have been in the ring every chance I’ve had. Boxing became an obsession. Not a day goes by without thinking, watching, reading or talking about it. I became a boxing nerd. The motive came as much from fascination about the sport as from frustration. I was always thinking “Why can’t I do the moves that everyone else seems to be doing so easily?”

Why is boxing so addicting? The rawness of the sport, interactivity, adrenaline, footwork, catharsis, mental toughness? I am not sure. What I can say from my own experience is that it reflects life. I’ve experienced a rainbow of emotions in and out of the ring, learned respect and humbleness, shared sweat, blood and tears with others. Also, we punch each other in the face. I’ve met some wonderful people through boxing. I feel fortunate to have experienced it all with Pan Am and its people.

Jung-Ae leads 9am technical class on Saturdays. If you're wanting to add to your boxing technique and want to learn something new check this out!

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