Fight for Charity Fight Results

Here are the fight results from last Saturday's Fight for Charity Event!

Bout 1

Ernesto Ferritto def. Marten Shlafman

Bout 2 (Exhibition)

Fiona Scurrah vs Nadine Sydor

Bout 3

Matt Harrison def. Adam Setka

Bout 4

Megan McManes def. Julie Navitka

Bout 5

Zach Unrau def. Shane Nobiss

Bout 6

Hayleigh Bell def. Aleesha Lavallee

Bout 7

Brett Mcintosh def. Tim Wiebe

Bout 8

Cass McElwee def. Megan Belyea

Bout 9

Jeff Smith def. John McDonald

Bout 10

Colin Oaks def. Jarett McLaughlin

Bout 11

Ali Mcdougall def. Brenna McNulty

Bout 12

Bobby Mackay def. Chase Allen

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