Live Stream Launch

Pan Am Boxing's live stream schedule starts Monday May 25th, join over 10 coaches daily to get your workout in. The key step to joining our live workouts is to pre book your classes onto have the link for streams emailed to you.

Get your account ready by going to search for Pan Am Boxing and Athletic Club click sign up and ensure that you have an account.

The steps below are instructions on what to do after you've pre-booked your class:

Now that you've booked a live stream class, here's what comes next!

Step 1: Check your email for the live stream link

Live stream links are sent out 30 minutes before the start of class. If you're booking within the last 30 minutes, then you'll receive the email within a minute or two.

You can also find the link in your schedule on (app link) 30 minutes before class begins. 

Step 2: Decide which browser or device you'll use to attend class

Live stream classes work better on some devices or browsers than others.

Step 3: Log in to the live stream class

If class hasn't started yet, you'll hang out in a waiting room. 

If it's time for class to start and your instructor hasn't gone live yet or runs into technical issues during the class, you'll see this:

Step 4: Set your camera and microphone preferences

Your browser will ask to access your camera and microphone. Choose Allow—you'll still be able to mute your mic or turn off your camera in class if you'd like, but enabling at the browser level ensures you have control when the live stream starts. Note: Coach is able to mute all participants mics during class if necessary.

Step 5: Join the class

When you're ready to join the class, click Join Live Stream in the middle of the screen.

You can fit the instructor's video to your screen by hovering over the video, then clicking on the full screen icon on the bottom right.  If you'd like to pause the video, right-click on the screen, then choose Show controls. You'll see an option to pause at the bottom.

If you have questions or issues, email me at Kmcdougall@panamboxing . com


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