Membership Changes

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Thank you for participating in our Karma Classes, we are ending these sessions and moving to a Month to Month membership fee at a low rate of $50 per month starting October 1st. Classes after this date, will be unavailable to book until a paid membership has been attached to your Mindbody online account. Membership purchases will be open Thursday September 10th at 5:00 pm through the front desk. Virtual classes will continue to be free until October 1st . More details on that coming soon.

Membership available starting October 1st - Month to Month at $50 per month. We are asking that anyone that is able to purchase a membership and support Pan Am Boxing do so before converting an old membership to the new membership rate. Pan Am Boxing has been providing Free Classes since April and is need of your support through this unprecedented time.

Members returning to the club with memberships on hold before the closure in March must email myself at or Dylan at to have their membership converted to the new membership price structure. Front desk staff will not be able to assist with this change over to the new membership structure. Please be patient with us as we work through these membership conversions. You may also choose to purchase your first month and convert your membership with a late start date to prevent service interruption. Conversion examples at the end of this post.

Members wanting to continue holding their previous memberships may continue to do so and have no need to email in to let us know. Annual Month to month auto payments contracts (EFT) have all been cancelled as of June 1st and cannot be restarted for this rate offering. Members on contracts previously will need to purchase new rate at the front desk through debit or cash until online options are available.

Membership Conversion Information

Old Membership Conversion example - 1 month Adult membership $95 = 2 months at new membership rate, Old $230 rate = 4.5 months at new rate. Previous usage is also considered when providing amount of time converted to new membership rate.

Student rate conversion examples- 1 month at $65 = 35 days with new membership , 3 month student membership at $175 = 3.5 months new membership.

***Usage on old membership is considered before being applied to new membership** Example 3 month membership purchased Jan 2nd 2020 has 16 days left on old membership expiring April 2nd membership, new membership would have 14 days. ***

Thank you for being in our corner!!!

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