Electronic Body Temperature Reader (EBT)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We are adding a new safety feature to Pan Am Boxing! Every person that enters the gym facility will need to check in at the front desk and have our device scan your body temperature before proceeding to your workout. All classes will need to check in a the front desk once again, in order to be tested. Front desk will monitor the temperature reading : A green light will allow you to participate, a red scan we will ask that you step aside or exit the building and attempt again 5 minutes later. A 2nd red scan and you will need to exit and return once all symptoms have subsided and they have emailed staff picture proof of a negative COVID19 test result after the date of their red scan.

For more info on our scanner read the information below. A video demo will be uploaded once installed.

Why Test for High Temperature? In terms of Covid-19, a fever is one of the three most common symptoms, along with cough and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Although a High Temperature(Fever) is a non-specific symptom, it is one of the best early screening tools for infections of any type.Any infection that is detected early can help to minimize the risk to other employees and customers becoming infected, be it Covid-19, cold or influenza.

What Makes the Sensor More Accurate? Devices such as Thermal Imaging cameras and handheld devices can be inaccurate because they are often miss aimed, for example, at the forehead and are measuring skin temperature and not body temperature.The skin temperature of a person can vary widely from their true body temperature. Skin temperature is impacted by many factors, including hot or cold ambient temperatures, strenuous work or exercise, prolonged exposure to sun, alcohol consumption, moisture on the skin (humidity or perspiration), age and gender.The distance between the device and the person can also impact the accuracy of the reading.

The Inner Can thus of the Eye provides a more accurate estimate of core body temperature than other areas of skin because it is less exposed to environmental factors; it is thin skinned (which decreases the skin's insulating effects), and is over major arteries which increases blood flow and heat transfer.The Check Mate EBT Sensor forces each person to follow a defined and always the same process, and achieves a much more reproducible measurement than other comparable devices.The EBT Sensor will not take a temperature measurement until the user has lowered their face to within 30cm of the device so that the eyes and inner can thus temperature can be measured.

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