PABC Class FAQ *updated Sept 8*

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

1. Visual Schedule - *subject to change*

Blue - In person Boxing

Green - Virtual Zoom Classes. Meeting number - 204 957 7666

Yellow - Zoom and In Person Spin

Purple - In Person , soon to be online check the online schedule

3. What is considered a new member?

Currently we are only asking that people who have been to Pan Am Boxing in the past 10+ years, book classes. No brand new clients or memberships at this time.

4. Hey! I'm using the app or browser and trying to book a class but it's not letting me. I see that there is x of 15 people in class and its telling me to call you. Help?

We apologize for the booking issue. What this means is that we have disabled the online booking for the time being, likely staff is working on rebuilding a schedule, changing class times or adding a new time. Check back in 20 mins or so and it should be back up!

5. Will classes be released every Saturday like they have been?

No. Going forward the schedule will be visible 7 days out. Meaning : Monday - following Monday, Tuesday - following, ect. at midnight.

6. What does it mean to be on the wait list?

Wait list means that all the spots available are full at that moment. There are 15 wait list spots available to allow members to queue up in numerical order and get notified when someone cancels their spot.

7. I don't want to book if I'm put on a wait list.

By not going on the wait list you are missing out on your chance to get into that class. This week we have had classes with 5+ people on a wait list, that have been approved to attend class with more than 1 hour notice before class.

Our current cancellation policy will cause a full class when trying to book through our app but staff can approve wait listed members manually to attend and will try provide a minimum of 1 hour notice.

8. What if I have attended 3 classes this week and I see that there are still spots in a class an hour away?

Book it! Bookings can be created last minute, we would rather have full classes then low numbers. Our requested limit is to allow more of your fellow boxers an opportunity to come down.

9. Open Gym

Currently our weight room and open gym time is not available.

If you feel we are missing anything or having issues with your Mindbody Account email Krystle at


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