#PABCstrong Challenge

 Month Long Challenge

Join us for Week 1

There are lots of things about Pan Am Boxing Club that we all miss, the coaches, classes, doubles, our community, the smell and most of all the push. The push you get from PABC is like nothing else, it drives you from deep within to be better and stronger than you ever thought you could be. We can't be with you in person, but we can give you a push to help you achieve goals or maintain by providing you weekly challenges that we can all do together. Think of it as your at home Fight Club/Fight Games, we will start off easy and ramp it up at the end.

Use our tracker below to mark your sessions down, print it or share it online with the #pabcstrong . Why the #PABCstrong? Because to me it means resilience, strength, focus, goal setting and most of all it means community. We will come out of this stronger, better and most of all together. What does #pabcstrong mean to you?

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- Krystle


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