Yoga On Demand

Currently on demand we have a spin and yoga class that was recorded before we officially launched our live schedule for you. Starting this Saturday we will be releasing weekly Yoga classes at 12:00 with Coach Juliana, that will focus on body movement to improve your hips , legs and length of punches. Sign in the class on the schedule to be sent a link just before noon or use the link, image or your browser to get access to the video at any time after 12:00 Saturdays.

Try out this weeks class by clicking here or the image below.

Class Description :

Hatha Yoga - Stretch & Strengthen

Not all yoga has to do with breaths and setting intentions. Coach Juliana knows what it takes to be a boxer inside and outside of the ring. Her classes are set to help with mobility, lengthening and most importantly tight tissues in a boxer.

Reap the benefits of a well-rounded practice as you stretch and strengthen key body areas such as the upper body, arms, legs, back, and core. Each student will work at the level that he/she is comfortable at by holding the poses and doing posture variations that are right for their body. Learn to manage your "edges" while maintaining proper alignment. Perfect class to compliment your boxing, and become unstoppable in the ring.



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