Zoom Troubleshooting and Passwords

March 1st was yesterday, which means Spring is on its way!

With the changing of months, it means a change of password. Today we are providing tips on how to get Zoom to work for classes.

  1. Purchase your membership well before class starts to get the email in your inbox! Didn't receive the email? Contact Dylan or myself so we can troubleshoot.

  2. Check your receipt for links to the classes if you are not able to log in from your Zoom Software. The browser software will allow access to classes if your Zoom App does not.

  3. Good practice is to close Zoom after participating. Don't leave it running in the background on your tablet, phone, ect. Logging out and closing the program refreshes the data stored and will remove any meeting passwords in memory. This tip will fix any errors with the password.

  4. Still having trouble? Email Dylan or myself, we will work with you to get online!

We updated the way the receipt displays the links and password starting today. See below for how to find your password on your receipt.

Send us an email any time you need help or want to suggest a blog post.

Dylan - dmartin at

Krystle - kmcdougall at

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