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Elevate your group's skills and spirit with our Boxing Training

Welcome to our Group Private Training!  Whether you're a school looking to introduce a new physical activity, a sports team seeking to enhance your athletes' performance, or a business looking to plan a team building event, boxing training will deliver superb benefits for improving fitness, skill, and teamwork.

Why Choose Boxing?

Boxing requires minimal equipment and no experience, making it versatile for any group's needs. It is an ideal activity for schools, sports teams, and businesses looking to try something new and engaging. Boxing is a sport that many people have never considered for full-body fitness, but it significantly improves athletic performance while being fun!

Our program has achieved remarkable success with a diverse range of groups. It has been embraced by schools throughout Winnipeg, sports teams of different ages and skill levels, and numerous businesses in the Exchange District. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of each group by offering customized session objectives, a feature that sets us apart from other sports.

Benefits for Youth 

Boxing is a comprehensive developmental tool. It's a full-body workout that enhances overall fitness, strength, and coordination. More than physical health, boxing instills discipline, focus, and confidence in youth. It serves as a healthy outlet for stress and emotional regulation. It also nurtures a sense of community, teamwork, and respect – essential life skills for any young individual. 

Boxing & Team Sports

For sports teams, boxing is an unparalleled addition to training regimens. It improves overall fitness, agility, coordination, speed, and mental focus – skills that are crucial in almost every sport. By integrating boxing into your team's training, you provide a unique and engaging way to boost performance, keeping athletes motivated and challenged. 

Boxing In the Workplace

Boxing brings a range of benefits to businesses. Facing and overcoming physical challenges together enhances team camaraderie and confidence. This results in a more unified and self-assured team. Additionally, incorporating physical activity into the workplace increases motivation and improves overall employee well-being. Boxing offers a unique, engaging approach to team building, focusing on inclusivity and unity.

Get Started with Us 

Reach out to us, and we'll tailor a program that fits your group's needs and objectives. Whether it's for a semester-long school activity or a season-long sports team training, we're here to make the process seamless and rewarding. 

Don Gauthier 

Ally Dumaua 


don gauthier.png

Donald Gauthier. Don’s been with the club since January 2016 and the experience has changed his life for the better–meeting great people whom he’s become friends with. Recently, Don’s taken on new responsibilities at the club, and he sees it as a terrific opportunity to give back. He will be taking over Youth Boxing and private training for individuals and groups. Don loves HITT and plans to implement it in his boxing training. He is eager to share his boxing knowledge and experience to help others. 


Ally Dumaua
Strength and conditioning specialist & Trainer

Coming from a predominantly Strength & Conditioning background Ally meshes his physical preparation knowledge with his technical know-how in boxing to bring us a blend of training that fits perfectly with our club's approach. 

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