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Fight Harder. Some say that our workouts are the hardest in the city and anyone who has been here can say that they have left their body weight in sweat on our floor.

Each week, classes revolve around an ever-changing focus. Giving our trainers the opportunity to bring you a different workout every time you’re down! Incorporating new drills, exercises, and tools that work best with that week’s focus.

Classes are non-contact and can range to include skipping, stairs, running, shadow boxing, bag work, hand pads, conditioning, and so much more.


Focused on the lower half of the body, our certified spin instructors will take you through a series of drills “Pan Am” style, designed to make you sweat.  Climb mountains, sprint straight-aways, and jump through bumpy terrain in an intense one-hour roadwork workout.



Fight Bike


If Spin class isn't hard enough for you, then Fight Bike is where you want to be. Its spin class with the added challenge of using the rowers, AirDyne bikes, body weight movements, and core exercises just to name a few.


Power behind your punches come from the strength in your legs and the rotation of your hips and core. Core strength is integral for generating the force necessary for boxing. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, both of which are highly beneficial in the sport of boxing.

Technical boxing

From perfecting fundamentals to learning more advanced skills, Technical Boxing is designed to improve your overall form and technique. With several years of experience training and competing in amateur boxing, our trainers will show you everything you need to become a successful boxer.

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