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Private Training

Pan Am Boxing Club offers private training sessions available to all members of varying fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, our knowledgeable trainers will work with you to achieve your goals. You get more than a personal trainer, a fully invested boxing coach.


Private sessions offer several benefits and will take your training to the next level. Whatever your goals may be, our coaches know what it takes to improve your skills and fitness to become a great boxer.

  • Personalized—Workout plans are tailored to your ability and goals

  • Technique focused—Monitored workouts assure correct form and technique

  • Flexible schedule—Sessions can be scheduled any time that works for you

  • Coaching experience—Our coaches are certified trainers with years of boxing experience

  • Feedback—Receive immediate feedback on your progress

  • Motivation—You are pushed to get most out of your workouts

Session types

Workout sessions are catered to your goals. Depending on the area of skill development you would like to work on, each session can vary in style and focus.

  • Fitness—Develop the speed and power of a boxer with full body workouts. Achieve a desired weight, gain strength, and feel great after every session.

  • Boxing—50% fitness, 50% technique gets you the best of the both worlds. Perform a series of conditioning exercises and finish with boxing technique.

  • Technical—Improve your form, technique, and footwork to elevate your boxing skills to the next level.

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Donald Gauthier

Donald Gauthier. Don’s been with the club since January 2016 and the experience has changed his life for the better–meeting great people whom he’s become friends with. Recently, Don’s taken on new responsibilities at the club, and he sees it as a terrific opportunity to give back. He will be taking over Youth Boxing and private training for individuals and groups. Don loves HITT and plans to implement it in his boxing training. He is eager to share his boxing knowledge and experience to help others. 


Jesse JOrdan


Ally Dumaua
Strength and conditioning specialist & Trainer

Coming from a predominantly Strength & Conditioning background Ally meshes his physical preparation knowledge with his technical know-how in boxing to bring us a blend of training that fits perfectly with our club's approach. 

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