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Morning Classes–6:45 am

What's a better way to start your weekdays than hitting a heavy bag? Get your workout in first thing in the morning and get on with the rest of your day. It's stronger than 2 shots of espresso

Noon Classes–12:00 PM

Work downtown? Come down to the club for a lunch workout. Break up the long day with a charging boxing workout.  

Evening Classes
5:30 PM 

5:30 is our most popular time. Boxing, spin and fight bike classes throughout the week. Mix up our workout and make sure to book your spot on MindBody. They fill up fast!

Evening Classes
6:30 PM 

Parking is free at this time of the day and class sizes are smaller, so you can move around without stepping on other boxes' toes.

The coaches

Our coaches are long-time PABC members and past fighters. You get to tap into the wealth of their knowledge and experience in the most welcoming manner. 


You’re off to a good start with Rosette. She competed many times while on the fight team and helped numerous sparring programs. Now she teaches Women’s Boxing on Saturdays and understands how to get you on the right track from the very beginning. 

Natasha experienced all aspects of our club; participating in classes, programs, sparing, and now leading. Natasha teaches Thursday mornings, and her class is full of energy. You will feed off her positivity and learn solid forms and techniques from her.  


Raylee loves people and loves helping them even more. She is the one whom you want in your corner. Ray teaches Friday 6:30 pm class.  


Jung-ae is a coach at the club with 10 years of boxing experience. When she was a fight team member Jung-ae lived the life of a boxer, competing and training with other boxers. Now Jung-ae is more involved in a coaching role helping many boxing programs. Expect to get a combination of a good workout and technical lessons from her class. 

What past participants said about Women's Beginner Boxing Program

"A really amazing thing was the number of assistant boxers helping the beginners out. I liked how they took the time to individually look at everyone and help point out some ways to improve. I also thought the classes were laid out well and could be tailored to suit each individual at any level of fitness which was really important for the wide range of skill levels."

"I was very intimated when I signed up for this class, but everyone at Pan Am made me feel very welcomed. The program structure was really great for beginners."

"I would definitely recommend this class to all of the women I know. It pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of." 

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