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Women's Intermediate Boxing

Feb 21–Mar 9 (Tue & Thur 7:35–8:35 pm)


Women's Intermediate Boxing is a 3-week program designed to improve your technical skills through hand-pads, partner drills, and controlled contact drills.

Want to level up your boxing?

Looking for more than a good workout?

How about hand-pad training with a coach? 

If you’ve been thinking about how to improve your boxing skills, we have a solution for you.

Women's Intermediate Boxing is 3 weeks of intense boxing skill training focused on getting you ring-ready without ever needing to fight. 

Feb 21–Mar 9 (3 weeks)

Tuesday & Thursday: 7:35–8:35 pm (6 sessions)


The Coaches

Jung-ae Park, Head Coach

Rosette Hakim, Coach

Patricia Romeo, Coach

What to expect


You will learn how offense and defense work through interactive drills. Experienced coaches will perform hand-pad sessions with you to refine and correct the techniques covered in class. The focused sessions allow you to develop new skills at a controlled pace in a safe, supervised environment.  

  • Defense against straight punches – Single-hand catches and slipping.  

  • Defense against looping punches – Single-hand blocks and rolling.  

  • Counter punching skills – How to shift your weight to set up a counter after each defensive maneuver.  

  • Offensive footwork – Using your feet to set up attacks and continue attacking.  

  • Combination Punching – Learning and working fundamental combinations.  


Will I get hit?   

Rest assured there will be no full contact (head and body punching). You will be introduced to body contact during partner drills. (Boxing is a striking sport after all.) During these drills, you are throwing punches toward your partner's arms, shoulders, and chest. No head shots.


Contact is essential for boxing skill development, however, the purpose of these drills is for you to learn proper techniques, not to win a fight. All contact drills are supervised and full-power punches are not allowed for safety.

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