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Youth competition training is for youths looking to compete in the sport of boxing. This program is not just for fitness, those that join must be dedicated to eventually competing in an amateur bout (boxing match). The program teaches all the necessary skills required to participate in the sport of boxing and focuses on technical boxing skills and tactics required for competition.

Youth competition program is for male and female athletes, ages 10-17, and is free of charge. Prior to participating in the program, those that are interested in joining must contact and get approval from Coach Mark Collins first.

The coach

The youth competition program is led by Coach Mark Collins. Collins has been involved in coaching boxing for the past 30 years. He is an NCCP level 5 certified coach and is currently one of Boxing Canada's national team coaches.

Class Structure

Classes are structured around Stages 4 and 5 of the Long Term Athletic Development Plan (LTAD). Stage 4 focuses on introducing the participants to various physical preparation and boxing specific skill development. Stage 5 focuses on optimizing physical preparation and boxing-specific skills, while at the same time developing the competitive attitude and mental skills that are required to perform at a higher level. Using the heavy bag, partner drills, shadow boxing, pad work, and sparring, participants will learn high-level skills, techniques, and strategies during training.




Youth ages 10-13 can join with zero boxing experience.

Youth ages 14-17 must have some previous boxing experience or Youth Boxing Program experience.





Classes run year round on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.





Youth ages 10 -17 can join and participate at no cost.



Interested participants MUST contact and receive approval from Coach Mark Collins prior to training. Please email or phone for more information.

Mark Collins

Phone: (204) 586-1992


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