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Virtual Training

Another Pan Am feature that sets us apart as a boxing gym

HOw Pan Am Boxing started virtual training

The pandemic compelled us to find a way to keep our members active and engaged. Online programs such as Love, Dove and Shred’n became a huge success to help us stay connected during lockdowns. Since then, remote classes have become staple in Pan Am’s programs.  

virtual classes for everyone

No equipment? No problem. We lend free-standing bags for boxing and bikes for spin classes. We want to ensure that our members can experience Pan Am workout whenever and wherever. 


This is a big step toward increasing accessibility. Now you can stay connected to Pan Am community whether you are too busy, out of town, or feel more comfortable working out of your home.  

Our virtual training includes:

  • Up to 4 classes a day 

  • Real-time feedback from trainers 

  • Equipment lends  

Book a virtual class on MindBody today.

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