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To attend your first workout you'll need to sign-up online, purchase your membership, and pre-registered for one of our classes.

Adult membership

Youth registration

  1. Register online

  2. Fill out the waiver form

What to bring

  • Change of clothes

  • Runners

  • Water bottle

  • Boxing Gloves

first class: What to expect

The Front Desk attendant will check you into class and direct you to the changing rooms. From there, you can hang out in the Main Gym until the class starts. Due to the pandemic you must have your own Boxing Gloves. All other equipment necessary for the workout will be provided. Once class starts, the Assistant Trainer will pull you aside to show you the boxing basics. From then on, you will be joining in on the fun and do the rest of the class!

Payment methods:

We accept debit, cash, or cheque in person, and Credit Cards online.

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