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If you (or a woman you know) has always been interested in boxing but has never taken that next step, then this program is for you. Designed for women of all fitness levels, Women's Beginner Boxing is a 4-week program introducing you to basic boxing techniques, cross training, and roadwork while improving your overall fitness.

The Program

This program is taught by an all-female team of experienced boxers and coaches. For the duration of the program you will:

  • Learn boxing technique

    • You will be shown the stance, movement, and basic punches of boxing. Our coaches will guide you along the way to ensure you are executing in proper form and technique.

  • Use boxing equipment

    • Participants will use boxing equipment and become familiar with basic boxing drills.

  • Improve fitness

    • Boxing is an excellent way to get in shape. Boxing drills will be used, along with non-boxing exercises, to improve overall fitness.

  • Improve cardio fitness

    • Spin bike classes, known as “roadwork” for boxers, will be introduced in the last half of the program to improve cardio fitness.

  • Learn boxing as a sport

    • Participants will be introduced to non-contact technical sparring and shadow boxing.

Will I get hit?

A common concern for new participants. It is often believed that you may get hurt in boxing. Please be assured that we will not be engaging in full boxing activities. Boxers who wish to participate in full sparring must be registered with our governing boxing authority as it is not permitted otherwise. Therefore, this is NOT something we will be doing.

Absolutely! Many of us get stuck in fitness ruts or find that our regular routine has become boring. Others simply quest for something different but feel intimidated by trying out something new. Our beginners program will allow you to try something fun, with people just like you, who may feel uneasy about their capability. Let us show you how exhilarating and enjoyable this workout can be!

"Should I Try this?"

Spring 2019 Women's Beginner Boxing Participants

"I want to thank the whole team for making this experience amazing. I was very intimated when I signed up for this class, but everyone at Pan Am made me feel very welcomed. The program structure was really great for beginners."



is the program for?

The Women's Beginner Boxing program is for ladies of all ages and fitness levels with no previous boxing experience.


is required?

A willing spirit, positive attitude, and just 2 hours of your time per week! We will provide all equipment you need for the workout – gym attire and a water bottle is all you need to bring.


does it take place?

The next session of the Women's Beginner Boxing Program dates are TBD.


Classes will be held on*:

  • Wednesdays 7:30pm - 8:30pm

  • Saturdays 11:30am - 12:30pm


*May be subject to change


much does it cost?

$150 for 4 weeks. Program includes

  • 8 classes

  • Hand wraps

  • Glove rental fee

How do i join?

Check back Summer 2020 for our next program announcement.


In the meantime, enjoy this short clip of the 2017 Beginner Female Boxing Program featured on BellMTS's Stories from Home documentary series.


Click here to watch the full video!