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Women's beginner
boxing program

Jan. 22–Feb. 18, 2024

Tue & Thur 7:30–8:30 p.m. 


If you have been interested in boxing but have never taken the next step, this program is for you. Designed for women of all fitness levels, Women's Beginner Boxing is a 4-week program introducing you to basic boxing techniques, cross training, and roadwork while improving your overall fitness.

The program consists of 

  • 8 instructed classes

  • 3 drop-ins (for our regular classes)

  • a 7-day membership following the program

  • Plus, 50% off on select memberships post-program

Jamie's story


Jamie tells us about her experience with the Women's Beginner Boxing Program. It started off as a bucket list item, but became her new passion. Despite severe arthritis, Jamie puts in her best effort and enjoys the sport to its fullest. Jamie's story is an embodiment of what Pan Am is about: boxing for everyone.


Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Why do our coaches love it?


We’ve been running the Women's Beginner Boxing Program for many years. Each time we are so impressed with the members’ progress and enthusiasm.


Not only does it empower women, but also it’s a rewarding experience for our female coaches. We love it as much as you do!  

About the program

Taught by a team of experienced female boxers/coaches the program will introduce you to: 

  • Boxing technique – stance, movement, basic punches. 

  • Boxing equipment – using provided equipment you will become familiar with basic boxing drills. 

  • General fitness – boxing drills will be used, along with non-boxing exercises, to improve overall fitness. 

  • Cardio fitness – spin bike classes, known as “roadwork” for boxers, will be introduced in the last half of the program to improve cardio fitness. 

  • Boxing as a sport – you will be introduced to non-contact technical sparring, and shadow boxing. 

Bonus classes

Week three: 1 regular class of your choice

Week four: 2 regular classes of your choice 

AND you receive a 7-day unlimited membership at the end of the program 

Will I get hit? Is there contact? 

A common concern for new participants – it is often believed that you may get hurt in boxing. Please be assured that we will not be engaging in full boxing activities. Boxers who wish to participate in full sparring must be registered with our governing boxing authority as it is not permitted otherwise. Therefore, this is NOT something you will be doing. 

Have questions?

To secure your spot you need to finish the payment.

Have questions?

Call 204-957-7666 or email:

In the meantime, enjoy this short clip of the 2017 Beginner Female Boxing Program featured on BellMTS's Stories from Home documentary series.


Click here to watch the full video!

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