Due to the increase of daily Covid Cases, In person classes are Suspended. We have added more classes to our Virtual class SChedule.

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about us

Pan Am Boxing Club is a not-for-profit organization located in the heart of Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. Established in 1968 after the 1967 Pan American Games, PABC is the oldest boxing gym in Winnipeg. Since its inception, Pan Am has been dedicated to delivering high-quality boxing instruction to all those interested in learning the sport and taking their fitness to the next level.


Pan Am Boxing Club workouts are like no other. Our trainers will push you past your limits and train you like a boxer. Our classes simulate the intensity of a boxing match, pushing through high intensity rounds with short recovery periods. Not only do members learn the basics of boxing, our classes are also designed to improve endurance, strength, and overall fitness. Whether you are a first time boxer, athlete, or just looking to mix up your routine, we encourage you to fight harder, and give our classes a try today!


Boxing classes are high-intensity cardio, full-body workouts. Our experienced, certified trainers will teach you all there is to know about the sweet science of boxing. Classes can include several drills such as skipping, stairs, hand pads, bag work, and so much more.


Having strong endurance and cardio is important for any successful boxer. Our cardio classes are not your average spin class. In classic Pan Am style, we always strive to push harder and develop classes that will really challenge you and make you sweat.


Every fighter knows that having good balance and stability is key when moving around the ring and a strong core will ensure exactly that. Try our 30 minute core class to get your abs as strong as they can be!


After stepping into the ring several times, our trainers know exactly what it takes to win a fight. In our Technical Boxing class, they break down the art of boxing and teach you the skills required to become a great boxer

The Facility

Pan Am Boxing Club is a full service boxing facility comprised of four unique levels of gym space, including two fully equipped boxing gyms, a cardio/core floor, and a weight training room.



In Person

Current Members only (2012- Early 2020)

Month to Month Membership - $50

Maximum Classes In house classes 3x per week

Unlimited Online Classes

Virtual Classes

Open to new and current members

Monthly Fee - $25

Unlimited Virtual Classes




245 McDermot ave
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0S6
204 957 7666
Gym hours

M-F : 0615 - 0815

        : 1130 - 1330

        : 1600 - 2000

S      : 0830 - 1500

Su    : 0830 - 1130

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