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Beginner boxing program
the perfect introduction to boxing
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Canadian National Team members and experienced Pan Am coaches.

  • Comprehensive Training: Master fundamental boxing skills like stance, movement, basic punches, combinations, and more! Paired with conditioning drills tailored for boxing.

  • No Contact: Focus on technique and conditioning without the worry of full-contact sparring.

Program Highlights:
  • Duration: 4 weeks, starting June 4th

  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:35 PM - 8:30 PM

  • Cost: $225 (Includes 8 program sessions and 3 drop-in classes, plus a 7-day unlimited membership post-program)

  • Location: Pan Am Boxing Club, 245 McDermot, Winnipeg

Who Should Join?

  • Anyone from all fitness levels and backgrounds—no previous experience necessary!

  • Those looking to add variety to their fitness regimen.

  • Individuals seeking personal growth and a supportive community.

Sign Up Today! Secure your spot in "Become a Boxer" and embrace a new challenge to unlock your peak performance.

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