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BOX-A-THON 2023 (Fundraising Event)

Group shot of BOX-A-THON 2023 participants
BOX-A-THON June 10, 2023

BOX-A-THON, our annual fundraising event, features 50 rounds of body sparring, all packed into a dynamic 2.5-hour session. The primary goal this year was to raise funds for our own club, and we are thrilled to announce that our mission was accomplished.

On June 10, a dedicated group of 20 participants committed their Saturday morning to this challenging workout. The atmosphere was intense as everyone immersed themselves in this physically demanding event. It was a morning filled with sheer determination, enjoyment, and remarkable achievements.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every participant who poured their energy into making BOX-A-THON a remarkable success. Without your support and enthusiasm, this Pan Am event wouldn't have been possible.

We also want to express our deepest appreciation to the volunteers who generously dedicated their time and efforts to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Your contributions have made a lasting impact, not only for our club, but also on the lives of those we aim to support. Together, we have created another unforgettable experience, fostering a sense of unity and community spirit. Thank you for making this day truly awesome and memorable.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events as we continue to pursue our shared vision.

BOX-A-THON-Boxing 1

BOX-A-THON Boxing 2

BOX-A-THON Boxing 3

BOX-A-THON Boxing 4

BOX-A-THON Boxing 6

BOX-A-THON Boxing 7

BOX-A-THON Boxing 8

BOX-A-THON Boxing 9

BOX-A-THON Boxing 10

BOX-A-THON Boxing 4

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